What is Team Z?
Japanese SMEs organized a team for top-class monozukuri (manufacturing). These SMEs are technically sophisticated in a specific field and do not allow other companies to follow. This is Team Z.

Each member of Team Z has honed the craftsmanship as a manufacturer for many years. Now, they are challenging the leading edge processing technologies to produce high-quality products while utilizing craftsmanship.

Team Z consists of five core companies, and each of these companies collaborates with many cooperative companies. All of these companies excel in part manufacturing, surface treatment, or processing of special materials and gather together to form one network.

Team Z is characterized by thinking about customers’ problems and tasks together, discovering solutions using information collected from the network and providing products and services capable of satisfying customer demand.

As reliable aggregation of manufacturers in Japan, Team Z provides not only high-quality parts but also wide-ranging services that include solutions and interfaces.

Team Z makes the impossible possible!
Team Z thinks that it can be the best partner for building your brand.